Back to School in Eco-Style

Whether you’re helping your children get ready for school or going to college/university yourself, this year plan ahead and go back to school in eco-style!

Reduce and Reuse

Before you hit the stores, do an inventory of any school supplies from previous years. Decrease your shopping list and determine what you actually need for the upcoming school year. Most supplies, such as sturdy backpacks, lunch kits, pencils can last more than year, so you don’t need to buy them every year.

Pay It Forward

If old school supplies can’t be reused; donate them to a local charity so children in need can use them. Most local churches, schools and shelters will accept them.

Search for Freener Options

There are lots of school supplies available which are environmentally friendly and affordable. Some of the greener products I have seen include paper and notebooks made of recycled paper and supplies such as binders and pens/pencils made from recycled materials.

Litter-less Lunches

When preparing lunches, think litter-less! Not only does it save money, since you won’t always be purchasing brown bags, but it also reduces the amount of waste you’re producing.

Moving On

If you’re moving away for college/university, ask your family or friends for unused furniture or household items. If you do have to buy, check out your local thrift store or on sites like Craig’s list and Kijiji, it’s cheaper than buying new and you’ll be recycling!

Join the Green Cause

Last but not least, encourage your kids to join the school’s green club and if there isn’t one, help to start one! Most colleges/universities also have environmental clubs. They’re a great way to take part in environmental causes as well as to network and meet people in the environmental field!