Cascades is determined to have the most positive impact it can on the planet, whether it’s by prioritizing recycled materials or by continuously improving the footprint of its operations. 


Climate Leadership

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues facing us right now. Cascades recognizes the role it must play and is working very hard to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from its operations and supply chain.


Our actions to fight climate change

Power to Employees

For individuals, transportation often is the main cause of GHG, so Cascades has decided to give its employees a hand in buying an electric vehicle.


Renewable Energy in our Sights

With facilities like the Alain-Lemaire Solar Park, Cascades is proud to serve as a showcase for the latest renewable energy technologies.


Sustainable procurement

Cascades believes that its supply chain should reflect its commitment to sustainable development. We have a practice detailing this commitment, which includes having suppliers evaluated by an independent third party, among other things.


An Abundance of Recyclable Materials

Every year, by prioritizing recyclable materials for its products, Cascades saves 46 million trees from being cut down—enough to cover more than 130,000 football fields.

By sourcing from recovery bins, the company is helping to reduce the global pressure on our forests and natural resources.


Efficient, Sustainable Operations

In keeping with its mission and corporate values, Cascades has set itself the objectives of reducing its water and energy consumption and giving second life to the residuals generated by its plants, among other things.

Our sustainable operations


Eco-friendly Products

Cascades stands out in the industry with its offering of smaller-footprint products. Its packaging and hygiene solutions are innovative and environmentally responsible.

Towards 2020

Our 2016–2020 Sustainable Development Plan contains ten priorities focused on three areas: the planet, prosperity and partners.