Details on the Tours

Find out a few more details about our different tours of our Kingsey Falls plants.

Cascades Containerboard Packaging

Tablet games and multimedia presentations make for a fun and informative approach to the history of Cascades and the life and times of the Lemaire brothers. This tour is also a chance to learn more about the paper produced at the plant as well as the paperboard products made in our different units. While it is not possible to tour the floor of the plant, you can enjoy a great view of an 11-ton roll in motion.


Cascades Tissue Group

Tour the plant and observe each step involved in transforming recycled materials into tissue products. As you move from one stop to the next, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of Kingsey Falls and Cascades’ various facilities.

Plastiques Cascades

Plastiques Cascades makes polystyrene foam trays used in food packaging. These trays, made from recycled materials, keep your meats, vegetables, fish and seafood fresher. This tour will show you how polystyrene is made, step-by-step, up to its transformation into a food tray!

The plant maintains the food industry’s HACCP certification and, as such, requires adherence to stringent sanitation standards. To tour the plant floor, you will be required to wear the Cascaders’ uniform.