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Here are the types of boxes we have in stock for e-commerce, shipping, transportation and any other need.

Regular boxes

These corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping. They are perfect for safely transporting and protecting a wide range of products.

Multi-depth boxes

These polyvalent boxes can be easily adapted to the size of the product you want to package. It is the ideal solution for e-commerce and moving!

Mailer boxes


These boxes are ideal for shipping and e-commerce. If you offer a subscription service, they are optimal for sending your products hassle-free.

Low-cost shipping boxes

These boxes are ideal for your mailing and e-commerce needs. Its compact size will allow you to save shipping costs as you will benefit from Canada Post’s “letter” and “small parcel” rates.

Flat multi-depth boxes

Easy to fold and ideal for transporting, shipping and protecting a broad selection of products. Its unique design provides additional “bumper”-type exterior protection, perfect for your online orders.

Large format boxes

These extra-strong boxes are ideal for your heavy or oversized items. These boxes will meet your needs if you need to pack bulk products or production waste.

Food boxes

These packaging solutions will serve you at the production or processing facility, then transported and delivered to the end customer.

Wine & beverages

These packaging solutions are ideal for safely packaging cans and bottles of your favorite beverages. These trays and boxes make it easy to move them.

Custom boxes

We offer an infinite variety of shapes, structures, and colours to meet your packaging needs. Let our experts help you design your boxes.

Custom box formats


Any size, colour, or shape is available. Our experts ensure that your products are well packaged and well protected by designing custom boxes tailored to your needs.

POS ads, displays, and shelf-ready packaging

We offer a variety of products for retail sale that will help you stand out. Our POS ads, displays, and shelf-ready packaging can be customized to showcase your brand and make an impact at the point of sale.

Boxes with custom printing


Several printing options are available. Digital for high-quality printing, suitable for small volumes. Lithography meets the highest expectations for visual appearance and flexography is simple and can be colourful.

Vente de boite standard Amazon APASS - Québec

Cascades joins APASS network

Cascades is an official, member of the Amazon APASS Network. As a member of this network, we can help you obtain this certification.

Are the corrugated boxes recyclable?

At Cascades, sustainability is our mission and central to our culture. Our eco-friendly, recyclable solutions are made with a minimum of 75% recycled fibres. Reduce your environmental footprint and contribute to the well-being of the planet by recycling your products after use.  

Usine de Cascades

Why us?

At Cascades :

  • We believe there is a better way to create a sustainable world for all
  • We provide our customers with endless possibilities for custom corrugated boxes
  • We dare to push the limits of what the industry can do to meet your needs
  • Packaging solutions that will contribute to your success
  • We are ranked amongst the 100 most sustainable companies in the world




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