Extra high-performance linerboard

Strong, light and high-performance

Designed and optimized for complex packaging, our XP linerboard is made from 100 % recycled fibres. Thanks to our innovative manufacturing process, you get a strong yet light linerboard with high-speed converting for efficient cost-effective production.

Strong by design

Designed to improve your plants’ efficiency, our line of XP lineboard provides:

Outstanding strength without extra weight.

Consistent quality.

Proven strength.

Optimal performance and high-speed converting.

Smooth surface for handling and amazing printing results.

Papier est produit à partir de fibres 100 % recyclée

A force of nature in recycled paper

Our XP linerboard manufacturing process is good for you, the environment and your customers. Using a chlorine-free process, our product is made from 100% recycled fibres, including 90% post-consumer fibres*.

* Based on 2022 production data.

papier vierge au papier recyclé

A choice worth making

We cater to your grading needs with a wide selection ranging from light to heavy weights.  Reduce the basic weight of your packaging with our lighter grades.  While our heavier XP paper line gives you the option to switch from virgin to recycled paper while keeping the same weight.

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