Hudson Valley Fisheries

Growing with the right partners!

Growing with the right partners!

Hudson Valley rainbow trout

About Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Fisheries is an aquaculture company, located in New York State. Its mission is to raise rainbow trout in a way that has a low impact on the environment. With its Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) method, the family-owned company can raise its fish in a contaminant-free environment and uses no antibiotics, hormones or dyes. Hudson Valley reuses up to 95% of its water and recycles its waste through farmers, using it as fertilizer.

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Hudson Valley's challenge

The New York-based company already offers a delivery service, requiring eco-designed insulated boxes for shipping. This choice of frozen shipping box is key to reducing its environmental impact throughout the sales process and shipping their fish. However, having the wind in its sails, the company is looking for solid partners who can accompany and support it in its expansion project.

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The solution

By choosing Cascades, Hudson Valley’s team not only benefits from an eco-designed product, but also from the leakproof and high-quality northbox® OCEANTM for their fish shipping box. They will have the privilege of having a company by its side that can responds to their needs, advising it on sustainable development and supporting them with their cold chain packaging solution.

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Ed Tribe

General Manager, Hudson Valley Fish Farms Inc.

“Since 2019, the Cascades team has been supporting us in our projects and finding solutions so that we can ensure the delivery of our rainbow trout in a packaging that matches our aspirations, to have the smallest possible environmental impact. Our growth plans are aggressive, and I am confident that Cascades will be a reliable partner”


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They also adopted the northbox® OCEANTM.