Food Grade Films

Cascades Fresh

Wrap your Products in our Flexible, Specialized Films

Ideal for milk, ice and frozen products, our film is the perfect wrap for your food. For any other application, let our R&D team develop a solution tailored to your needs.

Our food films have the following features:
  • Excellent seal to prevent contamination.
  • Tailor-made for strength and tear, stretch, stiffness and sealing strength / window to the desired application.
  • Customizable plastic properties.
  • FDA-approved material and compliant with Canadian requirements.
  • IFS and PACSecure certified under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) umbrella.


Milk Pouch

This pouch is designed to preserve the freshness and quality of milk.
Offering superior transparency, this flexible plastic pouch can hold 1.33 litres of milk. It is made of a very strong film with a seal resistant to contamination.


Milk Bag

This bag helps preserve the freshness and quality of milk.
Designed to hold 3 milk pouches of 1.33 litres each, this bag is made of a robust LDPE film with a very resistant seal. Thanks to our colour printing capabilities, it can be customized to promote your brand.


Frozen Food Bag

This bag made of LDPE is specifically designed for the frozen food market.
It enables packaging of a variety of products on automatic packaging machines. Thanks to our colour printing capabilities, you can customize these bags to promote your brand.



Ice Bag

This bag, made of LDPE, perfectly meets the particularities of packaging ice while providing excellent seal strength.
Thanks to our colour printing capabilities, it can be customized to promote your brand.




Baler Bag

With its strong LDPE film, this bag enables you to carry various products in large quantities.
It can be used to package fresh, frozen or bakery products and ice. Thanks to our colour printing capabilities, it can be customized to promote your brand.




Wrapping/Bundling Film

This LDPE film has been specially made to wrap, bundle and protect your products.
This food-grade film offers transparency and resistance and can be applied to a wide range of applications.


sac de légumes congelés avec impression couleurs de haute qualité

Printing on Film

Enhance your brand with our new 10-colour high-definition flexographic printing press with intelligent technology for a high-quality flexible packaging.

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Le potentiel de l’emballage comme solution au gaspillage alimentaire

La chaîne d’approvisionnement des aliments s’apparente à une course contre la montre, où la fraîcheur se préserve à relais jusqu’à la fourchette. Selon leurs propriétés, les solutions d’emballage peuvent contribuer à préserver l’intégrité des aliments jusqu’au fil d’arrivée.

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Fin de vie écoresponsable d’un produit : démystifier les priorités à la source

Recyclable, recyclé, réutilisable, compostable, biodégradable, oxodégradable, dégradable, jetable… Mieux comprendre leurs distinctions et leurs impacts, au-delà des perceptions, aide à ordonnancer nos choix.


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