Production Manager,
Cascades Tissue Group - Kingsey Falls

It was first thanks to her university’s co-op program that Jessica had the opportunity to complete two internships with the company. During her last internship, she obtained a position as a relief supervisor in the plant. With one thing leading to another, she then acted as deinking supervisor and machine 2 supervisor before becoming production manager. It’s with heart and soul that Jessica has found her place at Cascades.

How would you describe your current role?

align the different activities on the floor. As a production manager for example, I have to ensure operational efficiency by reducing costs as much as possible to allow for greater profitability. I make certain that the many objectives are properly met by planning and improving the processes required to achieve them.

How are you equipped to carry out the tasks involved in your role?

I use tools that allow me and my team to measure and evaluate our work, including performance indicators and action plans. Also, Cascades’ structure offers various services that support our projects and also ensure our progress.

JI’m also fortunate to have a good work team both on the floor and in senior management. When we need help, we get it! We feel supported and not left to our own devices. It’s a pleasure to work in these conditions.

How did you succeed in establishing yourself in a male-dominated environment?

By just being myself. It’s also important not to imply that you know everything and to respect and consider the operators’ seniority in order to gain credibility. Yes, you have to show leadership as a woman, but every day, I learn more and more from my team. As a production manager, I believe it’s important for them to know that I’m there to help, but also that they’re the key to our success as a team.

How do you balance work and family life?

Although it’s an everyday challenge, I strongly believe in balance. I have three young children. I love my job. I’m a committed and highperforming individual, so when I’m at work, I’m 100% present. When I’m at home, I try to be 100% present too. It’s important to set limits to maintain that balance. By being an organized person, I try to coordinate my work and my personal life to create a schedule that works.

How do you overcome obstacles that arise?

I think that in any field, when there’s an obstacle, it’s important to take a step back to better analyze the problem. For me, depending on the size of the obstacle, I’ll take more or less time to plan a solution. Yes, I’m spontaneous and can make quick decisions, but problems have to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Fortunately, experience and time have allowed me to overcome certain types of problems more quickly and easily.

What is your greatest ambition?

Professionally, I don’t have a key position in mind. My goal has always been to have a stimulating job that challenges me, while maintaining a work-life balance. Each stage deserves its time and share of challenges, so I’m not looking to move up the ladder quickly.

I want to feel fulfilled both in my work and personal life. I strive to surpass myself, achieve my goals and have my work valued and recognized.

What has been your best discovery since joining Cascades?

Listening to others and considering their opinions. I can’t move forward if the team doesn’t work with me. You can have all the ambition and potential in the world, but if you don’t have people that are engaged and support you, you won’t get as far in the end.

Did you always aspire to have such responsibilities?

I told myself that I’d probably get there someday, but I didn’t have any kind of plan set in time. I’ve always wanted to learn from every stage and overcome every necessary Philomène Martel Communications Intern, Cascades Jessica Carbonneau Production Manager, Cascades Tissue Group – Kingsey Falls challenge before moving up the ladder. Fuelled by challenges, I knew I might get to this point in my career, but I’ve always believed that every step must be seen as a learning experience in order to grow.

What advice would you give to women who wish to fill management positions or positions of greater responsibility?

Listen and trust yourself! If you want it and are ready to put in the effort, anything is possible. There’s no reason you won’t succeed as a woman at Cascades, because Cascades will give you the chance to become what you want. The rest is up to you!


“Jessica is a woman with heart. She undertakes every challenge, every day, with the intention of surpassing herself while making sure that her little family is well taken care of. Having Jessica on the management team means making sure you are structured, efficient and in line with business objectives. From soccer mom to production manager, Jessica always applies the same work ethic and makes sure to integrate the team in her decision making. We can say that Jessica represents the value of “heart and soul.” It’s a pleasure to have her on the team.”

Alexandre Désilet, Plant Manager, Cascades Tissue Group – Kingsey Falls


“I’ve been fortunate to see Jessica progress over the last 10 years, from intern in 2009 to production manager in 2020. Jessica is now a seasoned manager. She’s appreciated by everyone and stands out for her structured work and rigour. She’s a competitive person who reaches her goals through team spirit. She has a well-balanced life between family, sports and work. She also finds the time to get involved in Kingsey Fall’s soccer association, the plant’s children’s day event and the daycare parents’ committee. We could call her SUPERJESS!”

Patrick St-Hilaire, Human Resources Manager, Cascades Tissue Group – Kingsey Falls