Women in the Workplace Program


Women's Potential

The goal of Cascades’ Women in the Workplace program is to propel more women into key positions and offer them the right conditions to achieve their ambitions.

This program was created as the result of the observations of a committee, which since 2016 has been looking at the place of women within the company and proposing concrete measures to encourage their professional engagement. Following numerous consultations with employees, the committee made a number of recommendations, some of which have already been put in place, for example, measures concerning schedule flexibility and the identification of high-potential employees.


Inspiring Women

silvia caraman corporate controller

Victoria Popnikolov

Corporate Controller,


victoria popnikolov plant manager in succession cascades

Victoria Popnikolov

Plant Manager in succession,
Cascades Containerboard Packaging – Scarborough


michelle hamm technical sevices supervisor cascades

Michelle Hamm

Technical Services Supervisor,
Cascades Containerboard Packaging - Niagara Falls and Greenpac


claudette simoneau cascades

Claudette Simoneau

Senior Compensation Advisor



Jessica Carbonneau

Production Manager,
Cascades Tissue Group - Kingsey Falls



Margaret Barberis

Corporate Director, Center of Expertise -
Health Management



Karine Jobin

Vice-President Human Resources -
Cascades Containerboard Packaging



Evelyne Lafontaine

Vice-President Marketing and Innovation -
Cascades Specialty Products Group



Annie Tremblay

Vice-President Projects and Development -
Cascades Tissue Group



Chantale Rouleau

Corporate Procurement Director



Cynthia Desjardins

General Manager -
Cascades Containerboard Packaging



Deanne Stephenson

Plant Manager -
Cascades Recovery+ Kelowna



Cascades Certified Bronze Parity

Since September 2019, Cascades holds the Parity Certification of La Gouvernance au Féminin. It aims to recognize the practices put in place to promote greater gender equity in Canadian businesses.

Our certification