Eco-design Principles

Cascades’ hygiene and packaging solutions

Proud of its commitment to leading the way in eco-responsible hygiene and packaging solutions, Cascades has adopted guiding principles for developing new products. These principles cover every stage in the life of the products it manufactures and sells, from their design to their end of life.


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Informed decisions

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

When possible, use LCA as a tool for making informed decisions about product design, in order to limit their environmental footprint.

Environmental certifications

Use the criteria for environmental certifications recognized and held by Cascades as levers in product design, in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

Food safety

Ensure that the processes in place for products covered by food grade certifications allow us to successfully meet our safety requirements for our customers and consumers.

Technology development

Stay abreast of technology developments in order to find solutions for the recyclability and/or compostability of our non-recyclable products, and for innovative and eco-friendly raw materials (e.g. alternative fibres, materials from the circular economy, etc.).


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Optimized design


Design our products in a way that optimizes the use of raw materials, to limit resource consumption and prevent overpackaging.


Minimize the weight/usage ratio, for example by reducing the weight of the fibres or resins used.


Minimize the volume/usage ratio, for example by eliminating packaging void or unnecessary components.


Use the right product for the right application. For packaging, prioritize the protection of the packaged products’ integrity, notably by maximizing shelf life in the case of food.


Ensure that residual materials generated by our manufacturing and converting activities can be used for other applications or reintroduced into our process (e.g. cutting waste, non-compliant products).


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Carefully considered materials and inputs

Recycled content

Prioritize recycled content to manufacture our products, with preference given to inputs from post-consumer sources, where possible based on our customers’ expectations and market conditions.

Certified virgin content

When virgin fibres are required, ensure that they are certified and from responsible sources, with preference given to FSC® certification.

Alternative materials

Explore materials from alternative or new sources, if opportunities arise and if they offer a tangible environmental advantage supported by science (e.g. evaluated by LCA).

Other responsible inputs

Ensure that the other ingredients used by Cascades in manufacturing its products are safe and non-toxic, and prioritize the most environmentally responsible options (e.g. for additives, glues, inks).

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Minimized footprint

Responsible operations

Operate our facilities in a way to manufacture and market products with a reduced footprint in terms of water and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Leadership in sustainable development

Leverage Cascades’ sustainable development plan to boost the eco-responsibility of our products (e.g. through our responsible procurement program, our renewable energy purchases, etc.).

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Customer and end-user engagement


Proactively and accurately communicate the environmentally responsible nature of our products, whether through recognized environmental certifications or clear guidelines on end-of-life management, to avoid greenwashing.


Fully embody our role as sustainable development experts by participating in educational initiatives, for example with regard to eco-design, the circular economy and responsible consumption.

Customer coaching

Coach our customers to raise their awareness and educate them on topics related to our expertise (e.g. eco-design of hygiene and packaging solutions, recycling and recyclability, environmental certifications, the environmental footprint of our products, etc.).


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Smart value chain

Optimized value chain

Optimize the efficiency of our products across the supply chain, including the portion controlled by our customers, taking into account transportation costs, inventory management, storage costs, the effectiveness of the packaging line and potential losses.

Reusable packaging

Stay abreast of opportunities to design or use reusable packaging, notably in the context of e-commerce.


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Responsible end of life


By 2030, ensure that 100% of the packaging manufactured and sold by Cascades is designed to be recyclable, compostable or reusable.

Recyclability design

Design our packaging to promote end-of-life recycling, when it is the best way to dispose of it.

Compostability design

For product categories for which recycling is not possible and composting becomes an appropriate solution (e.g. table napkins soiled with food), promote effective compostability based on the compostability certifications in effect, and design the products accordingly.