50% Recycled Polystyrene Tray

Our polystyrene tray made from 50% recycled material is versatile and sustainable.

You can use it with confidence; it is just as effective as trays made only from virgin material thanks to our rigorous development processes that garantee you reliable, quality products.

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Reduced Environmental Impact

Our polystyrene tray is made of 90% air and only 10% material, 50% of which is recycled.

The use of 50% post-consumer recycled materials in the production of this tray, compared to making a tray exclusively with virgin materials, results in a favorable impact on these environmental indicators:

  • 43% less impact on climate change; 
  • 49% less non-renewable resources used.
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Optimized Operations

Our tray is suited for retailers and processors alike.

It is available pre-padded or not.

As a comprehensive packaging solution, it simplifies your inventory management.


More Features:

Wide Selection
  • Available in various sizes and colours.
  • Can be embossed to effectively meet your specific needs.
Guaranteed Compliance
  • Made from materials compliant with FDA and Health Canada requirements.
  • Made in a SQF-certified facility that meets the highest standards of the food industry.
Local Manufacturing
  • Proudly made in US and Canada.

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