Our specially designed e-commerce boxes are available with different options for cardboard thickness, size, and format.

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Regular shipping box ecommerce

Regular shipping box

These boxes are available in all formats and sizes. They are sturdy and perfect for shipping and e-commerce purposes.

custom mailer box

Custom mailer box

Theses boxes are ideal for monthly subscription, gift boxes or packaging for online sales. Impress your customers with graphic and structural designs that enhance your brand image.

adjustable height box

Multi-depth box

Height adjustable to the product

This flexible box has several height options. Easily adapt the depth of the box to the desired dimensions by cutting the corners.

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flat book box

Flat multi-depth box

With three height options, this simple-to-use box is easily adapted to its contents. It’s perfect for shipping flat products (books, frames, photos, etc.) and specially designed to keep them well protected.

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Anti-fraud box photo

Anti-fraud box

This type of packaging limits the risk of fraud or theft thanks to an additional protection for high-value products: the box must be torn open!

northbox box cascades

Insulated box

Freshness and durability

NorthboxMD insulated boxes are specially designed for the parcel shipment of temperature-sensitive products in packaging. An eco-friendly solution, the northbox is made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled.

custom shipping box

Custom box

Easily customize and order your boxes. Choose any size, colour, or shape!

corrugated recycles


Make environmentally responsible packaging choices.
Made with at least 75% recycled content FSC® Certification available upon request (Code License: FSC-C018029).



Cascades ranked among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

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